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If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you should understand that you are battling a disease, a disease that can wreak havoc with your physical and mental health. Substance addiction is a chronic disease that can be progressive if it is not effectively managed. Addiction treatment in Kent is designed to treat all aspects of this disease with certified inpatient treatment programs.

Many addiction sufferers tell themselves that their drinking or drug use is under control, but this is almost never the reality. Inpatient drug addiction programs can help you understand the nature of your condition so you can manage it effectively and achieve long-term recovery.

What Is Inpatient Treatment for Addiction?

When you check in to an inpatient rehab center, you'll have access to advanced addiction treatment. Addiction treatment in Kent begins with evaluation. Healthcare providers at your inpatient rehab treatment center will meet with you to determine your healthcare needs. It's important to answer their questions openly because there is no judgment involved; addiction specialists need to be aware of your addiction and healthcare needs in order to provide you with the customized treatment you need.

After the assessment process is complete, drug detox in Kent can begin. Your inpatient rehab center is staffed by therapists, doctors, addiction specialists, and support staff. Each member of your care team is devoted to your recovery journey. Medical detox is a process that involves healthcare providers who will carefully wean sufferers from the addictive substance in question. Sufferers are monitored throughout the process to ensure that no serious health complications arise. Once the process is complete, other therapies can be initiated.

As your inpatient rehab center will inform you, medical detox only addresses the physical aspects of substance addiction. The psychological and behavioral aspects of this condition are equally as powerful and need treatments that are tailored to their needs. Inpatient treatment programs for addiction feature multi-type treatments that can help you manage this condition for the long term.

Types of Inpatient Treatments

Addiction treatment in Kent involves individual and group counseling sessions led by trained therapists. During post-detox addiction treatment, sufferers will learn to manage their mental and behavioral dependencies on drugs or alcohol. Inpatient addiction programs are intensive but also highly effective. During inpatient treatment programs for addiction, sufferers can focus exclusively on their recovery journey.

Aside from treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, sufferers may choose to participate in a 12-step program. Some inpatient rehab treatment centers offer alternative treatments like restorative yoga and art therapy that can also enhance recovery. Intensive inpatient therapy is associated with the most successful recovery outcomes. Some people still choose to transition from their inpatient addiction programs to an outpatient program that continues to provide them with the support they need when returning to their everyday lives.

Aftercare can also help people who are still vulnerable after completion of their inpatient treatment programs. Some recovering individuals choose to reside at a half-way house or sober-living community where they can live among other people who are committed to sober lifestyles. Your inpatient rehab treatment center can help you locate aftercare programs near you.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Addiction treatment in Kent can help you obtain the sober life you crave. Our inpatient rehab in Kent, especially evidence-based treatments, can help you successfully manage your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Therapists will help you develop strategies for coping with your addiction triggers. You will learn how to control negative emotions and avoid high-risk situations and people. Inpatient treatment programs for addiction can't cure the disease of addiction, but can help you achieve abstinence.

By entering addiction treatment in Kent, you can stop the negative health effects of addiction from destroying your mental and physical health. Moreover, because addiction also affects people's lives, careers, and relationships, its treatment is a must. High-quality inpatient treatment programs deliver viable help that can have life-changing results. With newly learned strategies, sufferers can begin to understand what launched their abuse of drugs or alcohol and how to best minimize the triggers that brought them to it.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, inpatient addiction programs are the answer you need for effective disease management. Today's inpatient drug addiction programs rely on advanced therapies that will provide you with the help you need to manage your substance addiction. Get in touch with an addiction treatment specialist at our inpatient rehab treatment center to learn about ideal treatments for you. Get the help you need today by entering rehab and beginning the process that can change your life for the better. Call us at (877) 804-1531.

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