Inpatient Drug Rehab in Kent, OH

Inpatient drug rehab in Kent can help addiction sufferers manage their disease and safeguard their future health. By learning how to manage the disease and maintain sobriety, sufferers can finally overcome their pattern of addiction.

Addiction is a serious disease that plagues many in Ohio as well as elsewhere throughout the country and the world. In fact, some reports are referring to Ohio as the "epicenter of the heroin epidemic." Addictive substances like alcohol and drugs can cause permanent physical and mental health problems for users but they are also associated with risks for alcohol poisoning and drug overdose which can result in death.

What Is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Treatment for addiction begins in an inpatient rehab. An inpatient rehab center provides intensive therapy for addiction to alcohol or drugs. While some recovering individuals will transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment sooner than others, addiction sufferers often find that prolonged stays at an inpatient treatment facility provides the intensive help they need to get better.

Inpatient rehab provides multi-type treatments for addiction sufferers that includes medical evaluation, medical detox, individual and group counseling, and a wide array of therapies that support the recovery process. Inpatient drug rehab in Kent is staffed by medical healthcare providers, addiction specialists, and therapists who are trained to provide care for this type of illness.

What Are Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction?

Substance addiction is a chronic disease that is usually progressive, which means, it is apt to get worse without addiction treatment in Kent. People will invariably demonstrate signs and symptoms of addiction because at some point, this condition cannot be hidden or managed without help from an inpatient treatment facility. People suffering from addiction will usually demonstrate signs such as a decreased interest in activities they formerly enjoyed and decreased social interactions with family and friends.

Many addiction sufferers will also display profound changes in their mental and physical health. It's not uncommon for addiction sufferers to have mood swings or experience acute anxiety or depression. They will experience intense cravings for alcohol or drugs and will be preoccupied with their use. Addiction sufferers may show reduced cognitive function and motor skills. Other common signs and symptoms of substance addiction include increased secrecy, risk-taking behaviors, and problems with work, school, and relationships. A person who experiences withdrawal symptoms is certainly coping with an addiction that requires help from a drug addiction inpatient rehab.

Inpatient Treatment Options

Experts assert that inpatient treatment for addiction offers the most effective help for addiction sufferers. Inpatient drug rehab in Kent begins with a careful assessment of the addiction sufferer that includes their mental and physical health as well as the nature of their addiction. Once evaluation is complete, a treatment regimen can be designed to specifically help the addiction sufferer.

The first stage of inpatient rehab is medical detox. In order subsequent therapies to be initiated, the patient must become clean by overcoming their physical dependency on the addictive substance. The inpatient treatment facility will carefully wean individuals of the addictive substance and provide treatments to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and even reduce the length of time they affect the sufferer. Our inpatient rehab center is the safest place for drug detox in Kent.

After detox is complete, inpatient drug rehab in Kent involves intensive therapies designed to target the mental and behavioral dependencies on drugs or alcohol. Cognitive behavioral therapy and group counseling sessions typically form the basis of this treatment, but your inpatient rehab center may also provide other therapies like SMART Recover, Moral Reconation Therapy, 12-Step Programs, or other treatments that can help sufferers along their path to recovery.

Inpatient Rehab and Alternative Addiction Treatments

Today's inpatient treatment centers realize that there is more than one road to long-term recovery for addiction sufferers. That's why your inpatient drug rehab in Kent is likely to offer some alternative addiction treatments that can complement traditional therapies. Programs like art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy, and restorative yoga are some types of addiction therapies that can be helpful during the recovery process. Check with your inpatient drug rehab to learn about their alternative offerings.

With a stay at an inpatient treatment facility, addiction sufferers can get the customized treatment they need to overcome their dependencies on drugs or alcohol. Drug addiction inpatient rehab is designed to help sufferers focus exclusively on their recovery journey. Substance addiction doesn't have to rule your life any longer. With help from an inpatient treatment center, you can successfully manage this disease in order to lead the meaningful and healthful life you crave. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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