Drug Addiction Intervention in Kent, OH

Substance addiction is a serious disease that can wreak physical and mental havoc for sufferers. Watching a loved one suffer with substance addiction can cause considerable distress for family and friends. Many people who are in the midst of addiction deny that they have a problem and may insist that they have their drinking or drug use under control. However, addiction sufferers do not have control of their problem, which is why staging a drug addiction intervention in Kent is required to help sufferers get the medical help they need to manage their disease. With a drug addiction intervention, families can take control of the situation in order to help their loved one get into a drug intervention rehab.

An alcohol or drug addiction intervention is a type of meeting where family members, friends, or even colleagues attempt to persuade the addiction sufferer in question to enter treatment for their drinking or drug abuse problem. Traditionally, interventions are a form of confrontation where participants each take a turn speaking to the sufferer and persuading them about the extent of their addiction problem and why they need to get into an addiction treatment program.

Although there are various types of addiction models today, the traditional confrontation model is still widely used and can be successful. Without a drug addiction intervention and subsequent treatment, sufferers are extremely likely to continue drinking or using drugs despite its negative consequences. With drug intervention in Kent, you can help your family member by staging an intervention and convincing them to seek drug addiction intervention treatment.

How to Stage a Drug Addiction Intervention in Kent

Before progressing with a drug addiction intervention, it's helpful to visit a drug intervention rehab to speak with an addiction specialist. An addiction specialist can put you in touch with a trained interventionist that can help you plan and stage your loved one's intervention. At this point, you can also learn in depth about drug intervention programs and select a rehab center where you can convince your loved one to enter after your drug intervention in Kent. When you meet with an interventionist you can decide on a model that suits your needs and your loved one.

One of the most important decisions you'll need to address as you plan your drug addiction intervention is whether to have a formal or informal intervention. A formal intervention is staged with a trained addiction interventionist present. This is helpful as this individual has the training and experience to keep your intervention on track. An informal intervention, conversely, is staged without an interventionist present. No matter what drug intervention in Kent you stage, the end goal is to convince the addiction sufferer to enter a drug or alcohol addiction rehab in Kent.

Who Should Be Present During the Intervention?

Families need to decide who should be present during the intervention for their loved one. Typically close family and a close friend or two will be participants at an intervention. Sometimes, a colleague may choose to attend, but it's up to the intervention planners to decide who should be involved. No matter who attends, it's important to counsel them about how to prepare for the intervention and how to behave.

A drug addiction intervention isn't a time to vent or demonstrate anger, even legitimate anger. It's a time to convince the person of the seriousness of their condition and the necessity for addiction treatment. With drug addiction intervention in Kent, you can convince your loved one to get the help they need.

What Happens After the Intervention?

The ideal conclusion of your intervention should be a ride to our inpatient drug rehab in Kent. Often, addiction sufferers will heed the advice of their family and friends and enter treatment. However, this isn't always the case. Some addiction sufferers will flat out refuse and others may just require more time to mull over the idea. Families can feel disheartened when their intervention is unsuccessful.

However, interventionists may have other strategies that can be attempted to convince the person in question to seek out drug intervention programs. Interventionists can counsel families and provide them with helpful advice for dealing with the days, weeks, and months to come.

If your loved one is suffering with an addiction, you may need to stage an alcohol or drug addiction intervention in Kent. You can make a difference in your loved one's life and recovery journey. Addiction to drugs or alcohol cannot be cured, but it can be effectively managed with treatment and abstinence. You don't have to feel helpful in the face of your loved one's addiction. You can find assistance at a drug intervention rehab and with the help of a trained interventionist. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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