Relapse Prevention in Kent, OH

Relapse is a serious threat to the addiction recovery process. The recovery journey is sometimes fraught with episodes of relapse, which is why relapse prevention in Kent can make a meaningful difference in the lives of area addiction sufferers. Ohio is dealing with an addiction epidemic, and while opiates like heroin continually make headlines in communities throughout the state, any substance addiction can be difficult to manage.

From alcohol to meth to prescription drug addiction in Kent, addictive substances often compel recovering individuals to use again even after treatment. However, drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs are designed to help people effectively manage the triggers that compel them to use these substances so they can maintain their sobriety and keep relapse at bay.

People who suffer from chronic diseases are familiar with the term relapse. Even with optimum management for diseases like diabetes or heart disease, people can suffer periods of escalated symptoms that threaten their health. Substance addiction is also a disease and it can be fraught with periods of relapse when recovering individuals succumb to triggers that lead them to use drugs or alcohol. Drug addiction relapse prevention can help people ward off relapse but it can't cure this disease. If a relapse does occur, more treatment is needed just as more treatment would be required for any other chronic illness.

Experts associated with relapse prevention in Kent attest that relapse doesn't simply occur spontaneously. It typically occurs in three distinct stages. The first stage is known as the emotional stage. During this phase, recovering individuals struggle to deal with negative emotions like anger, sadness, or fear. Yes--everyone feels these emotions, but these can be powerful triggers for addiction sufferers so it's vital to learn how to cope with these emotions in healthy ways during relapse prevention for addiction. The second stage of relapse is known as the mental phase.

During this phase, recovering individuals begin to think about drinking or using drugs again. They may fantasize about it or return to places where these items are sure to be found. The final stage is the actual use of the addictive substance again. Relapse prevention programs for addiction will address each phase and help individuals learn to combat the early phases in order to avoid using again.

Why Are Relapse Prevention Tools Essential to the Recovery Process?

Relapse prevention in Kent involves addiction specialists and trained therapists who can provide recovering individuals with the resources and tools they need to cope with the threat of relapse. The experts at drug addiction relapse prevention centers realize that relapse affects many people who have completed treatment. As many as 93% of meth addicts relapse even after release from rehab. The relapse rates for addictive substances are an indication that relapse prevention programs are essential for treating this disease.

Recovering individuals who undergo relapse prevention in Kent will learn various strategies for coping with negative emotions, for instance, and how to avoid high-risk situations and people. Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs are designed to address real-life situations and challenges that plague those in recovery. Although relapse statistics for addictions to drugs like meth and heroin are high, it's important sufferers remember that they aren't a mere statistic; they are individual and on an individual recovery journey. Relapse prevention programs help people craft their own strategies for coping with their own triggers.

During alcohol and drug addiction relapse prevention sessions, participants will find out about important area resources like 12-step programs where they can find support as they work toward long-term recovery. Essentially, relapse prevention in Kent arms addiction sufferers with all the resources they need to combat the threat of relapse.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare

While intensive addiction treatment is essential, aftercare support is also important for reducing the risk of relapse. Transitioning from inpatient rehab in Kent to one's everyday life can be fraught with triggers. With aftercare like sober living communities and 12-step programs, people get the ongoing support they need when they're still so vulnerable to relapse. Aftercare is a helpful part of relapse prevention for addiction that can make a huge difference for the recovery process.

If you are concerned about relapse, it's important to check out relapse prevention programs for addiction. Relapse doesn't have to derail your recovery. Even if it occurs, help from relapse prevention programs can reduce your risk for another relapse. Always remember that addiction is a disease and, like it diseases, it can require ongoing treatment. Fortunately, drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs are there to help. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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