Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Kent, OH

Alcoholism is a disease that requires management. Sufferers cannot recover without help. Alcohol addiction rehab in Kent can help you achieve the sobriety you crave.

Alcoholism is one of the most leading preventable causes of death in the United States. Each year, excessive use of alcohol takes the lives of 88,000 people in the country. Alcoholism affects many sufferers in Kent and the surrounding region; however, alcohol addiction rehab in Kent can help people take those initial steps toward recovery. While there is no cure for substance addiction barring abstinence, sufferers can manage this disease with help from an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that is often progressive. Someone who is suffering from alcoholism is not able to control their drinking and is invariably obsessed with drinking. Since chronic drinking can lead to other health issues, chronic drinking can affect a sufferer in many ways. Someone addicted to alcohol may suffer financial, relationship, and even legal problems because of their drinking. Treatment at an alcohol addiction rehab can provide addiction sufferers with real medical help, help that can allow them to break their cycle of addiction and put an end to their suffering with effective disease management. Alcohol addiction rehab in Kent will provide you with the help you need if you are living with alcoholism.

Alcohol Addiction Signs and Symptoms

People addicted to alcohol will typically display various signs and symptoms. Addiction sufferers will experience intense cravings. Someone addicted to alcohol may require a drink every few hours or mild withdrawal symptoms may begin. Other signs and symptoms include memory loss, blackouts, headaches, anxiety, flushed skin, insomnia, and mood swings.

Many people addicted to alcohol may lose control of their drinking, disengage from activities they formerly liked, increased secrecy, and increased risk-taking behaviors. If you or someone you love is experiencing these symptoms, you can get help from an alcohol addiction rehab in Kent.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility?

People suffering from alcoholism too often tell themselves that they are in control of their drinking. Yet, this is seldom the case. People who have dependencies on alcohol need alcohol abuse treatment because they will continue to drink even though negative consequences result from that drinking. An alcohol addiction treatment program is designed to help people recognize what they drink and how to manage the disease of addiction with evidence-based therapies. Long-term recovery is possible, but not while a sufferer denies the extent of their problem.

People addicted to alcohol need alcohol abuse treatment or their physical and mental health is in jeopardy. Chronic alcoholism leads can result in a mental health condition like depression or acute anxiety. In fact, a dual diagnosis in Kent affects one-third of people who have a substance addiction. Alcoholism also takes a physical toll on the body. It can lead to liver disease, pancreas conditions, some cancers, and reduced immune system function. To prevent alcohol from permanently impacting physical and mental health, it's important to enter alcohol addiction rehab in Kent.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

The alcohol abuse treatment regimen begins with a careful evaluation. Addiction specialists and healthcare providers will evaluate each sufferer's mental and physical health as well as the nature of their addiction. After this initial assessment, sufferers will typically undergo medical detox. Your alcohol addiction treatment center will provide sufferers with a safe environment to undergo detox. Yes, withdrawal symptoms will occur, but healthcare providers can greatly reduce their severity with medications and other therapies.

Once through the process of drug detox in Kent, which could take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks, recovering individuals can begin to address the psychological and behavioral dependencies that form the basis of their alcoholism. Detox only addresses the physical dependency. Alcohol addiction rehab provides comprehensive treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy that can provide people with strategies for managing the triggers that have previously led them to abuse alcohol. Once intensive therapy is complete, aftercare is helpful for giving people the support they need to maintain their sobriety and successfully manage their disease.

If you or a loved one requires alcohol abuse treatment, you can get the help you need at an alcohol addiction rehab in Kent. Disease management is possible with help from an alcohol addiction treatment program. Don't let alcoholism control another day of your life. Take the first step by admitting you need help and then enter an alcohol addiction treatment facility to get the essential help that will put you on the road to long-term recovery. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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